KOZHIKODE: A father took his daughter and other youngsters from the neighborhood to a madrassa in Kasaragod while carrying a loaded air rifle during the recent stray dog panic in the state. Hadada Nagar in Bekal in Pallikere panchayat resident Sameer T is seen leading a group of children, including his nine-year-old daughter Rifa Sultana, while carrying an air pistol. Sameer can be heard on the recording promising to kill any stray dogs that try to attack the youngsters. His kid recorded the footage and sent it on WhatsApp, where it quickly gained widespread attention. Rifa told Sameer on Thursday morning that she would not be attending madrassa because she was afraid of the stray dogs in the area. “The madrassa is 60m away from my house and there are lots of stray dogs in the area. Other kids in the locality too said they were afraid to go out. So I asked my wife to bring the air gun and I walked in front of them to reassure them,” Sameer said. At 9 a.m. on Thursday, As a parent, he felt it was his duty to provide for his children’s safety, and Sameer pointed out that an air rifle did not need a license to carry. “I wanted people and authorities to realize the immensity of the problem on seeing the video,” he said. “Dogs will run away on hearing its sound,” he said, adding that the madrassa has decided that parents should not send kids to class alone.Woman takes refuge in sister’s homeA woman from Pallikkal panchayat in Malappuram fled to her sister’s house in Cherukavu panchayat after she was harassed by stray dogs. Karthiyayini said that she has been staying with relatives for the last week because she is afraid of the stray dogs in her neighborhood. “They chased me twice and I fell down while trying to escape,” she added.