2 international passengers test positive for Covid at the airport in Kolkata

Two international passengers tested positive for Covid between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning during random screening at the Kolkata airport. The pair was among the 100 flyers who underwent RT-PCR tests at the airport in accordance with the Centre’s guidelines to states, which included random testing of 2% of international flyers upon arrival beginning on Saturday. While one of them is undergoing observation at the Infectious Diseases and Beliaghata General Hospital, state health department officials are attempting to locate the other, who left for home after immigration check at the airport. The two affirmative samples have been sent for genome sequencing. According to health department officials, the traveler admitted to ID Hospital is a 48-year-old healthcare activist from Perth who possesses dual citizenship in Australia and the United Kingdom. Sunday morning at 1am, she arrived in Kolkata from Kuala Lumpur on an AirAsia flight. Since she was scheduled to travel to Gaya on Sunday afternoon, she checked into a hotel near the airport. When her Covid-positive report arrived, she was escorted to the ID Hospital by health officials. She has a very low viral burden, according to doctors.One of the two international passengers who tested positive for Covid during random screening at the Kolkata airport has been admitted to the Beliaghata ID Hospital. She has been admitted to our isolation cabin. She is nearly symptom-free and working with our team. She was permitted to fly after five days of quarantine in accordance with Australian law, as she tested positive in her home country. Since our rule requires a seven-day quarantine, she will remain under our supervision. In the interim, we have sent NICED another sample from her. Once the report is received, we will determine the next course of action in consultation with Swasthya Bhawan,a said ID Hospital’s pulmonologist and nodal officer for Covid-19, Kausik Chaudhuri. The second Covid-positive passenger is an Indian man who landed in Dubai on Saturday afternoon. aHe turned in his samples at the counter and then departed the airport. We notified the state health department when the results arrived four hours later, said a senior official at Kolkata airport. According to health officials, attempts were being made to locate him, and he was likely from a neighboring state. Asymptomatic positive travelers can endure the seven-day isolation at home or in a hotel under the supervision of the health department. The symptomatic patients have the option of being committed to ID facility or any other private facility of their choosing, according to Siddhartha Niyogi, state director of health services. Recently, the airport authorities in Kolkata recalled the agency HLL, which had been conducting RT-PCR and rapid tests on arriving passengers for the past fifteen months. The company had concluded its operations and removed its equipment from the terminal. However, they still had a unit outside the airport with which they began Saturday’s operation. They intend to return additional equipment by this week.

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