A 60-year-old man lost $125,000 to fake escort services on the internet.

An accountant in his 60s, the victim had been living in Rani Bagh with his two sons and their families since his wife’s death and had gone online looking for escort services when he was scammed out of Rs 25,000 by a gang from West Bengal. The victim was identified by the police as RD Kanwa, the officer in charge of the Tejaji Nagar police station. He found a number for escort services via an internet search and called it. The lady who took his call informed him that the registration fee is Rs 2,000. After making the online payment, the lady urged him to provide an additional Rs 8200 in exchange for a privacy code. The lady gave the old guy her word that he would be reimbursed. The following day, a guy named Avinash called the complainant again. He requested a payment of Rs 14500 for hotel booking, saying that he would get a luxury room and other amenities for a whole year. The accused bilked the old guy out of Rs 25,000 over the course of three separate transactions by promising but failing to provide escort services. They refused to cancel his reservations unless he paid another Rs 10,000 to stop his registration, after which he would get his money back. “The man realized he was duped and filed a complaint against the accused,” Kanwa added. He claims the elderly woman gave him two phone numbers that he used to contact the suspect. Sandeep Bavri and Sarvar Khan both have West Bengal phone numbers listed in their names. TNN

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