A transgender guy has been arrested in Mumbai for the railway robbery of a lady.

Minutes after a uniformed escort had finished his duties and exited the ladies compartment, a transgender guy was detained in MUMBAI for robbing and sexually abusing a lady. The victim, a 35-year-old flower vendor from Bhiwandi, was robbed at knifepoint by Prafulla Panchal alias Sania, 23, who first threatened him with a pistol that turned out to be a toy. On Thursday morning, she went to the Dadar market to pick up some blooms. She intended to sell her things in Vasai, so she could travel there. At around 5:50 a.m., she got aboard a quick local at Dadar station headed for Virar. Train arrived at Andheri station ten minutes later, with a home guard on escort duty in the women’s car. From 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., you will be on call. The house guard member’s shift finished at Andheri, therefore he left the train there. According to a police officer, “Panchal got into the compartment shortly at the same station.” Once the train began moving, Panchal walked up and sat down on the seat opposite the victim. He then made some suggestive motions. Panchal took a fake pistol from his handbag as the train passed the Goregaon station. The phony gun fooled the victim into thinking it was real. He robbed her of Rs 4,000 while threatening her with grave repercussions. The lady pulled him away as he attempted to grope her as well. Panchal alighted at Borivli station. The victim reported the incident to Borivli GRP. There were four or five other passengers in the compartment, but nobody helped. The victim had the guts to secretly record Panchal on camera. Investigators combed through CCTV footage from the station and discovered captures of Panchal walking about, according to senior inspector Anil Kadam of the Borivli GRP. Within 24 hours, they had tapped into their network of informants and had Panchal in custody. It was discovered that he had a fake pistol and 2,500 rupees in cash. Panchal was arrested and charged with extortion and molestation under Indian Penal Code sections 386 and 354. On March 11, a female passenger was robbed on a Churchgate-bound local without an escort guard. At Charni Road, the victim was alone in the women’s compartment of the bus when the perpetrator boarded. Now that the train was underway, he reached around and pulled the chain around her neck. The victim was scratched on the arm and had minor neck lacerations. As the train slowed down in front of Marine Lines, the suspect hopped off. After two weeks, police arrested him.

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