Aaftab Poonawala may have provided rehearsed responses on the Narco test.

Aaftab Poonawala, the primary suspect in the Shraddha Walkar murder case, may have attempted to deceive the psychologists and physicians conducting the narco-analysis test on him by providing rehearsed answers even while incapacitated, according to sources on Friday in New Delhi. Aaftab allegedly told a cop while being escorted back to Tihar Jail that he had been in worse conditions, referring to his drug addiction, the source added.Aaftab told police that as he was new to Delhi, he could not remember the exact locations where he had dumped Shraddha’s body parts, but only remembered going to the Mehrauli jungles near his house. He claimed to have thrown her phone into the ocean. Both had relocated to Delhi from Mumbai.On Friday, forensic experts and physicians conducted post-narco-analysis testing on Aaftab in Tihar Jail. Aaftab’s narco test on Thursday, in which he was administered with a “truth serum” to induce a hypnotic state, revealed that he was “perfectly healthy.” A four-person team from the forensic lab, accompanied by the investigating officer, arrived at the facility around 11:30 a.m. to conduct the post-test procedure in order to prevent any problems during transportation. An official stated that the investigation in detention number 4 lasted until 3 p.m. “During the session, the questions he was asked during the narco analysis and his responses were repeated to check his responses. His responses during interrogations and all tests were identical,” the source added.With this, the police investigation is nearly complete, according to a senior officer. The police are currently awaiting the forensic reports of the recovered bones and the evidence gathered from Aaftab’s residence in Chhattarpur Pahadi’s restroom and kitchen. They are also awaiting the report on the alleged weapons used to dismember Shraddha. A charge document will be filed in the future. “A team will recover the remainder of Shraddha’s body parts and her skull, and a separate team will analyze Aaftab’s responses,” he added. Three to four days would be required for forensic officials to submit the comprehensive report on the narco-analysis test. The police anticipate receiving Shraddha’s DNA report within the next week. Aaftab is housed with two other first-time offenders who have committed larceny in barrack 15 of prison number 4.

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