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Panaji: The Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard worked together to escort the damaged commercial vessel MV Infinity I to the security of Karwar harbor, capping off a 22-hour rescue mission on the high seas on Thursday evening. Authorities launched rescue efforts to save the merchant ship after it developed a breach in the forward area of its hull and started to list to the starboard. In a very dangerous scenario, water can swiftly stream in through hull cracks, causing the ship to veer to a dangerous angle. She was able to find her own way to anchoring when counter flooding stabilized the ship, according to a Navy official. When the MV Infinity I was off the coast of Mumbai on Wednesday afternoon, problems started to appear when the ship’s hull started to leak water. The ship utilized its own water pumps at first, but when they stopped working, it sent a distress call to INS Trikand, which was nearby, via VHF. The ship started to list to starboard (right side) about 20 nautical miles off the Goan coast. The maritime rescue coordination center was alerted, and the coastguard ships Amal and Shoor as well as a tug from Goa were deployed as INS Trikand from the western naval command reacted to the distress call. Since the weather is bad and the surf are strong due to the monsoons, boat rescue is dangerous. INS Hansa had three helicopters maintained ready, according to a Goan naval official. The naval vessel INS Kondul was also put on alert. A four-person initial rescue crew used counter-flooding techniques and high-speed dewatering pumps to deploy on the sinking ship. By Thursday morning, MV Infinity I had managed to stop the flooding and was moving near Karwar harbor but still listing dangerously. The 83-meter-long ship, which had 14 Indian crew members on board, was transporting about 1,750 tonnes of bitumen from Kandla port in Gujarat to Karwar, Karnataka. The principal country of registration, in this case Panama, has the responsibility of ensuring a vessel’s seaworthiness. Even though the ship was in Indian seas, Panamanian authorities are nonetheless responsible for inspecting and certifying it, according to a naval officer.

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