After the HC orders the taxi driver back inside the house, his relatives kick him out.

KOLKATA: A 57-year-old cab driver was brought back to his Behala residence by the Parnashree police on Friday after being repeatedly evicted by his son and daughter-in-law. After receiving orders to do so from the Calcutta High Court, the police department acted accordingly. Mrinal Kanti Nath had gone to HC after being kicked out of his house by his family members, and the HC had ordered the police to warn the son and daughter-in-law that any more similar conduct would result in their arrest. In 2020, he gave the developer his land in exchange for an apartment on the third level of a Behala high-rise, he informed the HC. He disclosed to HC that he had been single since the year 2000, when his wife had left him. According to Nath, he took some visitors to Digha for six days in December of last year, and when he returned home, he discovered the locks had been smashed and his son and daughter-in-law were living there. Souma Subhra Ray, Nath’s attorney, stated, “He had gone to the police station that night, but no action was taken” in reference to Nath’s allegations of assault and eviction from his own house. Since he had to spend the night outside in the freezing weather, he returned home the next day to get a sweatshirt. Once again he was the victim of an attack that landed him in the Vidyasagar Hospital. He visited the police, but all they did was file a generic diary. On the 15th of December, 2022, however, he was returned to his house by the police. But on December 22, 2022, he filed a lawsuit against his son and daughter-in-law and was once again evicted. An FIR was filed in February 2023, but only under provisions that allowed for bail. In court, the son and daughter-in-law turned themselves up, and they were released on bond. Justice Rajasekhar Mantha issued a three-page decision on May 19, 2023, stating, “Parnasree police shall once again escort back the petitioner into his house.” He had been staying at a friend’s house for the last several weeks before taking legal action to be permitted back into his own home. The HC ruled that the petitioner’s son and daughter-in-law “must be appropriately cautioned against disturbing the petitioner in any manner… .Once they are detained, the HC said, “they shall not be permitted by the Parnasree police to enter into the house again.” This is because “in the event of any further complaint from the petitioner, Parnasree police shall take coercive steps against the son and daughter-in-law and detain them in custody after due enquiry.”

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