Aiyar accuses the government of promoting prostitution for the Games.

In a letter to Union tourism minister Kumari Selja, Rajya Sabha MP and former sports minister Mani Shankar Aiyar claimed that the government was promoting prostitution and trafficking in preparation for the Commonwealth Games. Citing various media reports, Aiyar claimed that escort agencies were preparing for the Games and that there were also indications that a significant number of women from the region were planning to travel there. There are predictions that 3,000–3,300 condom packs each day will be utilized; they are only to be used by athletes. 1,00,000 contraceptives are anticipated to be used if each pack contains two contraceptives. Which games are these athletes competing in?The government is “giving free rein to these activities (prostitution and trafficking),” said Aiyar, who had earlier brought up the issue in Parliament. The Congress leader had said, “I will be happy if the Games are spoiled. The money spent for the October 3-14 could have been used to ensure a better sporting future for Indian children by giving them sports training. He also alleged that India had bribed other Commonwealth nations for the Games. “To take the Games, the Olympic association of every Commonwealth country was given $1 lakh ($100,000); it was given to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, an it was given to India. These funds were not necessary for those nations. The former minister had claimed, “I would call it a bribe, I do not know what it is called from a legal standpoint.

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