Allahabad police allocate one-third of their nighttime response vehicles for escorting women.

Allahabad district, which has 71 police response vehicles or PRVs, will reserve 24 for an on-call service to escort women between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Allahabad police have decided to deploy one-third of their response vehicles exclusively for the security of women traveling unaccompanied at night, in accordance with a state directive. Simply contact 112 and request the same assistance. Each PRV will be staffed by five police officers, including four female officers. The state police authorities proclaimed three days ago that women traveling alone at unusual hours can contact 112 and request escorting to their destinations. Districts in Pratapgarh, Fatehpur, and Kaushambi have also reserved PRVs for this purpose. 18 of the 54 police vehicles in Pratapgarh will be assigned to this special duty. The allocation is fifteen out of forty-five in Fatehpur and seven out of twenty in Kaushambi. KP Singh, DIG (Allahabad), affirmed that all four districts within the range had set aside one-third of the PRVs for the safety of women traveling alone at night. If a woman contacts 112 and requests a transfer, a PRV will be dispatched to accompany her home safely. Senior officers will review the calls made by women on 112 and assess response time to ensure the system is effective, said Singh.The DIG added that the bike police force had also been deployed in Allahabad (45 two-wheelers), Pratapgarh (20), Fatehpur (20), and Kaushambi (15) to ensure women were not harassed in public places, particularly outside schools and colleges. aSafe public transportation is frequently unavailable late at night for women. Students and working women will feel significantly secure while commuting in the city if the decision is implemented with sincerity, she said.

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