Arun Gawli was released on parole to attend his son’s wedding in Nagpur without a police presence.

The Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court “partly allowed” Arun Gawli’s appeal on Monday, in which he asked for an extension of his four-day parole and the removal of a police escort while he was on the outside of prison. Gawli applied for release in time for his son’s wedding on November 17. Gawli’s bail has been reduced from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 1 lakh, meaning he no longer needs a police escort when he is out on parole. Legal counsel Mir Nagman Ali and Shahrukh Shah argued that their client Gawli had never broken the terms of his 12 periods of parole or vacation. They also requested an extension of his four-day parole order, arguing that he should be given the full 15 days he was originally given. “The impugned order is modified to the extent of setting aside the condition of providing a police escort,” the bench led by justices Vinay Joshi and Vrushali Joshi ruled. The security amount has been revised to need an additional Rs 1 lakh in cash in addition to the original assurance of Rs 1 lakh. The decision on whether or not to grant him a parole extension rests with the corrections staff. Gawli attempted to have his case heard by the DIG (prisons) before going to court. The Mumbai police department argued against the petition, claiming that Gawli is a thug and that his release might threaten public safety. The DIG approved the plea, but parole was only permitted for four days and required the deposit of Rs 5 lakh in cash and a surety bond of a further Rs 5 lakh.

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