As he is brought out from the hotel, Johnny Depp seems unkempt.

Photos of Johnny Depp leaving the Grand Hotel Birmingham in England have gone viral on the internet, showing the actor looking disheveled and needing assistance just days after his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard was found guilty of defaming him. The 59-year-old was accompanied by a bodyguard as he left the venue. He was wearing a striking black and white checked blazer with a scarf around his neck and had messy hair. Depp wore black pants, black shoes, and aviator-style sunglasses, accessorizing with a few rings. One guy grabbed onto his right arm and another stood close behind him as he walked out of the hotel, and he carried a white cup that seemed to be empty. Hollywood star Johnny Depp spent over $62,000 or Rs 48.22 lakh for a special celebratory curry dinner with his friends on Sunday evening in Birmingham, England.He has been mobbed by his fans everywhere he goes following the wednesday trial verdict. The so-called source continues, “Everywhere he goes, he is getting mobbed by fans.” Johnny celebrated his win in the defamation lawsuit with a curry feast the day before he checked out of the hotel. On Sunday night, he was said to have spent close to $62,000 at the Varanasi restaurant in Birmingham, where he and his musician buddy Jeff Beck hosted around 20 friends for supper.

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