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MUMBAI: On Sunday, a local court ordered the state excise department officers to take two teenagers who had been arrested, including a second-year medical student, to their respective examination halls on Monday. The two were taken into custody on Saturday night with 18 bottles of foreign alcohol, one of whom is a third-year BCom student. They have not committed a major crime, but their career will be ruined if they miss the exams, according to the students’ advocate R Rathod. “When the court refused bail, we requested the magistrate to at least allow them to appear for their exams with plainclothes escorts,” he said. The pupils’ attorney, Ramnath Shaili, stated that the magistrate had agreed and that the guys were currently studying for their exams. Some young people were attempting to sell imported alcohol in Sion, according to information sent to the state excise department’s Navi Mumbai division. The two suspects were apprehended by the department’s flying squad, who also found more than twenty foreign liquor bottles on them, including 18 Red Labels worth Rs 81,000. The two admitted to bringing the alcohol for a private party from Ramesh Parmar Rajput (28), who lives in the Mathurdas community in Kalina, Santa Cruz (E), during questioning. When the authorities later investigated Rajput’s home, they discovered an additional eight Red Label bottles valued Rs 37,000 there. Rajput was a foreign liquor trader, it was discovered after further investigation. The three were brought before a local court for further incarceration, and the detectives said they needed to question them in order to find other members of the ring. When the court denied bail, R Rathod, students’ counsel, asked the magistrate to at least permit them to show up for their exams with plainclothes escorts. If they do not show up for the tests, they risk being rusticated or banned. Even though they have not committed a serious offense, their career will be destroyed.

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