Convoy of former Bihar CM Jitan Manjhi was ambushed near Gaya, and an escort vehicle was set ablaze.

AHMEDABAD: It is vital to honor Jain scholar Virchand Gandhi on September 11, as well as Swami Vivekananda, who made history with his speech at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893. He is recognized as being the first Gujarati to visit the US because he accompanied Vivekananda to the parliament. His statue is still there at the Chicago Jain temple. As they gathered on the Sabarmati Riverfront on Wednesday to commemorate the 44-day Siddhitap that a record 1,350 Jains undertook during the holy Paryushan, Jain academics paid tribute to Gandhi. Gandhi was appointed by Acharya Atmaramji Maharaj to represent the Jain religion in the parliament. Gandhi was a lawyer by trade. Jain monks are forbidden from traveling abroad, therefore Acharya Atmaramji was unable to attend the meeting, but he nevertheless gave Gandhi six months of teaching, according to Jain Acharya Jaysundarsurishwarji Maharaj. You know, dear brothers and sisters, that we are not an independent nation; rather, we are subjects of Her Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, “defender of the faith,” as Gandhi proclaimed in front of the parliament. His great granddaughter, Roopal Gandhi, told TOI that Vivekananda admired her great grandfather. She added that if we are a nation in the fullest sense of the word, with our own government and rulers, our own laws and institutions, free and independent, then I affirm that we should seek to establish and forever maintain peaceful relations with all the nations of the world. Mahatma Gandhi is thought to have talked with him about his legal matters. This Gandhi, like Vivekananda, had also passed away at a young age.

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