Crack down on cyber crime, high court tells police

MUMBAI: Cyber crime is a problem faced by the society and the police, on its own, must crack down on it, said the Bombay high court on Monday.A bench of Chief Justice Manjula Chellur and Justice Girish Kulkarni heard a PIL by Ali Ahmed Siddiqui which claimed that a sex racket was being run under the guise of escort services. On January 6,the court lambasted the police for poor probe.When informed by stateâs advocate Poornima Kanthria that 200 websites have been blocked since the last hearing, Chief Justice Chellur remarked, “What hurts us is they (police) act only when we put pressure. Why they donât on their own do it? Cyber crime is a societal problem.” The bench said online escort services are ‘nothing but a cyber crimeâ and ‘cyber technology is required to block themâ. The bench also sought monthly progress reports. Chief Justice Chellur said at a recent cyber crime workshop, the director general of police said he is ready to send 25 police officers to undergo extensive training on how to identify cyber crime. She added that lawyers and prosecutors could also join the programme. The judges lauded the police for arresting a man involved in one such racket two days ago.

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