Doctors move in to reduce detainees’ hospital visits.

NEW DELHI: According to jail officials, the number of visits by specialized doctors to prisons has increased in an effort to reduce the movement of detainees to different hospitals. They stated that a letter asking for extra doctors had been addressed to the Delhi government in March. Twelve specialists are in the city’s three prison complexes right now. Specialists had occasionally, but infrequently, visited prisons. DG (prisons) Sandeep Goel said the measure will conserve resources that were previously used to transport inmates to hospitals. In most cases, the detainees will be brought to hospitals for treatment while being escorted by police from the third battalion in a jail van. There are four to five police officers on duty for every prisoner. The police remain on the premises of the hospital and transport patients to different wards for care until he is admitted. He added that visits by specialized doctors to the jails will lessen the frequency with which detainees travel to hospitals. According to prison officials, doctors from GTB, BSA, and DDU hospitals have begun coming to the jails since April 1. Doctors from the fields of surgery, orthopedics, and ophthalmology visit twice weekly. Once a week, an ENT specialist comes by. The data shows that on average, per month, 220-250 inmates are treated by surgeons, 220-250 by orthopaedic doctors, 120-150 by eye specialists, 80-100 by ENT specialists, and 60-70 by dental specialists. In a number of cases, the staff discovered that inmates who went for treatment stole surgical blades from the hospital and smuggled them into the prison. Criminals occasionally attempt to flee the hospital. According to data, over 190 inmates were treated by visiting doctors between April 1 and April 13; over 60 of these were surgeons, over 45 were orthopaedics, over 35 were eye specialists, over 30 were ENT specialists, and 10 were dental specialists. An officer at Tihar said some of the major health issues among inmates were piles, hernias, gall stones, tuberculosis, diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, skin, eyesight, and dental cavities.

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