DPS Kalyanpur wins the JSS chess championship with 16 points.

Kanpur: DPS Kalyanpur won the overall championship with 16 points in the JSS inter-school chess championship held at the Scot World School here on Saturday. Virendra Swarup N Block Kidwai Nagar stood as runners up with 13 points.As many as 72 players from 12 schools participated in this event which was held in three categories. Sudhir Tiwari, principal of the host school, inaugurated the championship while Veena Mishra, manager of the school presented trophy and individual medals to the winners.The results are:Class IX- XII- (Boys)-1. Shivam Srivastava (VS N Block-4 pts), 2. Naitik Verma (VS Shyam Nagar-3 pts), 3. Anurag Tiwari (VS Unnao-3 pts), Girls-1. Shambhavi Pandey (DPS Kalyanpur -4 pts), 2. Aaradhya (VS Unnao-3 pts), 3. Anushka (Escort World-3 pts).Class VI-VIIIth- (Boys) 1. Arihant Roy Chaudhary (DPS Kalyanpur-4 pts), 2. Swarit Kumar (VS N block-3 pts.) 3. Aditya Srivastava (Escort World-2.5 pts) Girls-1. Mansasvi Verma (DPS Kalyanpur-4 pts) 2. Anshu Yadav (VS N block-3 pts), 3. Aditi (VS Unnao-3pts).Class III-V-(Boys) 1. Nakshatra Mishra (KV-1 Armapur-4 pts) 2. Amit Maheshwari (VS Block 3 pts) 3. Krishna Yadav (Juhi Public School-3pts) Girls-1. Divyanshi Goyal (DPS Kalyanpur-4 pts) 2. Anshika Mishra (VS N block-3 pts), 3. Siddi Yadav (VIP School -3 pts).

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