Driver of CM’s escort discovered hanging from ceiling

GUWAHATI: The sad news of Ranjit Barman’s (36), an escort driver in chief minister Tarun Gogoi’s entourage, passing away was announced to the residents of the Assam Police Reserve quarters at A T Road here on Friday morning. The police reserve quarters’ block D resident, Ranjit, was discovered dead in his home. He spent a lot of time working for the chief minister’s convoy. When Deepika Barman, Ranjit is wife, awoke at around two in the morning on Friday, she discovered her husband dead in the adjacent room, hanging from the ceiling. Following a heated argument that erupted late that day, both of them slept in separate rooms on Thursday night. According to Deepika Barman, the deceased’s wife, “He was sleeping in the next room. I woke up at around 2am and called out to him. When I got no response, I went into the next room and found him hanging by a rope from the ceiling.” According to their neighbors, Deepika and Ranjit have been having a difficult time because of their ongoing marital conflict. When we heard Ranjit is wife’s cries, we raced to their house and discovered him dead. “They had a love marriage which turned sour with the passage of time. I guess there was some issue between them and they often had arguments,” a neighbor remarked. Residents said that when Barman discovered his wife was not home on Thursday after getting home from work, he lost his mind. An enraged Barman met Deepika upon her return amid claims that his wife was having an affair. The argument, which had begun in public, quickly proceeded inside their home but quickly turned violent. The postmortem reports and the deceased’s organs have been sent to the forensic science laboratory for further in-depth investigation, according to a Paltan Bazar police station official. “The police recovered no suicide note from Ranjit is room and are not ruling out the fact that there might be another angle to the entire suicide set-up,” the official added. The couple’s daughter is six years old.

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