Due to sluggish sales in India and abroad, the tractor sector shifts into low gear.

CHENNAI: From Dilbert comic strips to coffee-break jokes, the man from headquarters, cocooned in his corner-room world view, is a popular corporate stereotype. Now one company is trying to break that mould by doing away with the HQ office. As part of a latest management innovation, tractor and automotive company Escorts is doing away with its offices. The idea, said top executives, is to ensure that sales, marketing and production teams stay close to the customer instead of sitting in their office. In fact according to the new rules, executives would need to book an office in advance on HQ visits the way they book a guest house or hotel room! “At Escorts in a few months from today, many offices are going to be taken away, especially those of the sales and marketing teams as they need to be with their customers and not sit at their offices,” said Nikhil Nanda, MD, Escorts Ltd. “When they head back to the head office and need a table and a chair, they would need to book an office room, just the way they would book a hotel room. Likewise, all offices involved with production will be relocated close to our assembly and production lines. The new, away-from-HQ format, he said, will make line management teams more nimble and customer-focused. “We at Escorts are engineering ourselves to be young and dynamic to do what it takes,” said Nanda. Our strategic ideals of innovation, customer centricity, excellence, and agility are being ingrained into every aspect of our behavior. This choice is one of many that we will make in order to create a culture that will encourage an executive to carry out his duties in the “Escorts way”! This innovative idea is not just applicable to line teams. The same idea will be followed even by top management. All of my CEOs and other senior officers have applauded this initiative and pledged to be ambassadors of these ideas, I have had a meeting with my top staff,’ added Nanda.

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