Environmentalists paint a famous fountain in Rome black

Italian climate activists on Saturday painted a Baroque-style fountain at the base of the Spanish Steps in Rome black as a symbol of protest against what they claimed was the “end of the world.” Before being led away by police, three anti-climate change activists from the group Last Generation threw a carbon-based liquid made of vegetables into the famous fountain from the 17th century known to Romans as La Barcaccia. The famous Italian sculptor Pietro Bernini created the boat-shaped fountain. According to Last Generation, the discovery of a boat in the Piazza in 1598 after it had been swept onshore by a swollen Tiber river is claimed to have inspired him. As humans step on the gas pedal more frequently, the process of turning the water black “foreshadows the ‘end of the world’ scenario we are heading for: drought alternating with devastating floods, which will put an end to life on Earth, along with heat waves,” it added in a statement. Last Generation started holding noisy but lawful demonstrations in Italy last year in advance of the general election, calling on elected officials from all parties to prioritize addressing climate change. The demonstrations in Italy are a part of a string of campaigns against climate change that are taking place all around Europe. Activists have hurled soup, cake, mashed potatoes, or washable paint at museums’ artworks as well as historical and cultural institutions.

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