Escort charges are dropped, but it costs LBT 45 billion rupees.

Devotees flocked to Gundicha temple on Tuesday to see the deities on board the chariots after the priests of the rival Jagannath temple refused to transport the idols there in protest of the police attack in front of the temple. The lathicharge injured at least 30 individuals, including some clergymen. The Monday ceremonies of the ruling gods were severely hampered by the violent confrontation between police and priests. Premananda Dasmohapatra, secretary of the Daitapati Nijog of the 12th-century shrine, had earlier in the day declared, “The impasse is over. Priests of different organizations had a meeting on Tuesday. We would carry the deities to Gundicha temple from their chariots in the evening. We do not want the deities to suffer any longer.” However, the irate priests refused to allow the police to direct the gods from their various chariots to the Gundicha temple. Police misbehaved with us, thus we will not accept their assistance any more, Dasmohapatra stated. The Gajapati Maharaja of Puri Dibyasingha Deb on Tuesday, a day after the police lathicharge, expressed dismay over the occurrence and suggested the state government undertake an administrative probe into it. The managing committee chairman of the Jagannath temple, Dibyasingha Deb, has stated that the government should take measures to prevent similar unpleasant situations from happening in the future and to ensure that the ceremonies of the deities are solemnized on time. Naveen Patnaik, the chief minister, had also pleaded with the priests not to abandon the gods riding on the chariots. The chief minister had stated, “I hope the Pahandi procession (carrying the gods to the Gundicha temple) will begin on Tuesday.” He stated, “Action has already been taken against four police constables; they were suspended.”

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