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NEW DELHI: Surgeons at a local hospital performed an angioplasty on a month-old infant who weighed just 1.8kg, a very low weight. Sana had a cardiac problem at birth in which one of the major arteries leading to the lungs was obstructed, making breathing difficult. Her body was blue when she was first brought to the hospital in October of this year, according to doctors at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. Her survival was in doubt. Her body has gone blue as a result of the lack of oxygen. One of the pediatric cardiologists who performed surgery on her, Dr. Neeraj Awasthy, stated that she had almost stopped breathing and had displayed symptoms of a cardiac problem. In September, Sana was born in a government hospital in Delhi. She was sent to Fortis Hospital for additional care after her condition started to worsen a few days after delivery. She was first placed on a ventilator and required oxygen for a few weeks. Her right ventricular outflow track was discovered to be clogged during further evaluation, necessitating an urgent stenting treatment. But doctors claim that the procedure was dangerous. It is extremely dangerous to attempt surgery on a 1.8 kg newborn with a sluggish heart and failing lungs. We chose to proceed with the stenting treatment after much consideration,â Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, director of pediatric and congenital heart disorders, FEHI, said. The surgery does not provide the newborn with a permanent solution. As the child gets older, large stents will need to be put in place, and when she has grown to a healthy weight and is strong enough to handle open heart surgery, it will be the only option left. However, the procedure can be viewed as a huge success. The patient’s oxygen saturation levels (the quantity of oxygen in your blood) were around 45% before to treatment. Following the operation, we saw values between 98 and 100 percent, which is typical for a healthy person, according to Dr. Awasthy.

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