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COIMBATORE: Shyna, wife of Roopesh, one of Kerala’s most wanted Maoists, was brought to the government hospital on Friday morning to get treatment for a toothache and abdominal pain. The visit lasted for three hours. Dressed in a blue printed kurta and blue-green leggings, Shyna, escorted by a mini battalion of police officers at 10am, seemed void of any emotion. She was brought in the striking force van along with four female intelligence officers who never left her side, three male intelligence officers, 14 male and female constables and investigating officer DSP N C Sethupathy. She was first taken to the dental department. just behind the casualty ward. The dentist had reportedly asked for an X-ray, so the entire battalion moved her to the scan room on the other side of the road within the campus. Once this was done, she was escorted back to the dentist. “The doctor has reportedly prescribed some painkillers for her. Once the pain subsides, he would decide if the tooth could be saved or removed,” said an accompany police officer. Just when police officers thought they were done with the check-up, Shyna complained of a stomach pain. So, the officers took her to the outpatient ward of the hospital where they did an echo cardiogram. She was taken to the scan room for an abdominal scan. Subsequently, she was escorted back to the van which drove them to the entrance where blood and urine samples are collected. Soon after she had consulted with the doctor in the outpatient ward for her stomach pain, the lights went out. Panicked police officers immediately closed in on Shyna, while another officer suggested switching on their mobile phone lights. When they were about the leave the hospital, Shyna requested to use the bathroom. “Despite telling her that they would reach the PRS office in five minutes, she claimed it was urgent and she had to use the bathroom immediately,” said one of the officers who had accompanied her. Thus, 12 officers, including women, accompanied her to the bathroom on the first floor. After using the bathroom, she was escorted back to the van and they left the hospital premises soon after. The police did not allow anyone to speak with the accused and refused to answer questions regarding her health condition. All visitors and patients were removed from the ward before Shyna was taken inside. The Tamil Nadu Q branch have custody of the arrested Maoists for another eight days. They have also intensified the search for the five people who threatened the police on Thursday.

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