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New Delhi: It is one of Delhi’s worst-kept secrets. Hundreds of women from CIS countries trapped in the high-end flesh trade; insecure, bereft of all rights and ruthlessly exploited. Those who try to break out are beaten, confined, and sometimes bumped off. But the well-oiled racket goes on, secure under the patronage of powerful people. The nexus has become too big to brush under the carpet as police investigate the murders of two Uzbek women. Sources say Uzbekistan is the preferred hunting ground for the city’s pimps, most of whom keep an Uzbek ‘aunty’ in their pay. There’s no dearth of needy women in the middle-income country, and the gangs are said to lure 50-60 of them to Delhi every month on contracts of three months to a year promising good pay and comforts. Only a handful of them fly in directly so as to dodge immigration checks in Delhi. Most are routed through Nepal, Turkey, Dubai and Sri Lanka, and the road route from Nepal is preferred. Once in Delhi, they are housed in Lajpat Nagar, Karol Bagh, GK, Kotla and Kishangarh Village near Vasant Kunj. The gangs quickly arrange day jobs for the women to provide them a cover. They seemingly earn their keep as models, dancers and waitresses, but the money is a pittance compared with what the underground earns from them. Not all, but many of these women end up as escorts whose services cost Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh per ‘date’. Outstation trips with foreigners and businessmen cost more. But the money stays with the pimp. The girls work on an unwritten contract with their ‘aunty’, who only pays them expenses. They are at the mercy of the ‘aunty’ who has local connections, with both goons and cops. She provides them protection and also repays their families’ debts back home. It’s her small price for keeping the women silent and loyal. After ‘apprenticing’ with a pimp, some women even go solo using classified ads and online profiles, but trouble follows if they have been trafficked to India. “Then the pimps go after our lives. They set cops on us; our movements and phone calls are watched and we are physically and mentally tortured,” said an Uzbek escort, adding, “At times, we are made to attend to 10 guests in a night. The money never comes to us.” With their passports and money in the pimp’s control, the women can only give in. Most of them overstay their visa, and cannot afford to run into police or the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO). Sometimes, a woman defies her well-connected pimp, and then it is curtains for her.

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