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Imphal: On Sunday, Manipur Speaker Th Lokeshwar Singh’s police escort team beat up a sub-inspector (SI) in front of his wife and kids. Arambam Amitabh, the sub-inspector, was not wearing a uniform and was traveling in Imphal city with his wife and two children when the speaker’s escort crew, which included four Maruti Gypsies, pulled up behind him. I moved aside to make way for the escort vehicles, but they yanked me out of my car and halted it, claimed Amitabh. The SI, who is assigned to Imphal West PS, claimed that one of the escort vehicles attacked his jeep from the front while another struck it from behind. Amitabh claimed that the Manipur Rifles members of the escort team started beating him with their rifle butts and that he had to defend himself. The officer’s wife made an unsuccessful attempt to step in. Amitabh is receiving treatment at the Shija Hospitals in this city after suffering injuries to his head, face, chest, back, and limbs. His wife has reported the speaker’s escort party to the local police department. An experienced policeman visited Amitabh on Monday at the hospital and took his statement. Vandana, Amitabh’s wife, claimed that the speaker was seated inside his car at the time of the incident. She said that an onlooker police officer did nothing to stop the escort team from hitting her spouse. The police force has opened an investigation into the event in the interim. Several civil organizations in Imphal West’s Sagolband neighborhood, where the police officer lives, staged a road block along NH-37 on Tuesday to protest the attack. The protesters, who were mainly women, demanded that the accuser be punished right away. If the state government does not penalize the accused by Thursday, they warned to escalate their protest. Manipur People’s Party (MPP), the opposition party, fiercely denounced the act. Nobody has been detained as of yet.

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