Fake Escort Service Call Centre Busted in Avantika New Delhi

One person was detained, and eight women were requested to participate in the investigation after police in Delhi busted a phony escort call center. On Friday, authorities from the Delhi Police notified the media that more than 50 individuals from throughout India had been scammed out of many lakhs of rupees by the fraudulent contact center. The Delhi Police have dismantled a false call center that was functioning in Sector-1 Avantika, Rohini, under the name “Indian Gigolo.” This call center provided escort services in addition to selling pills and sprays to boost sexual vigor.

The Delhi Police conducted this operation under the name “Indian Gigolo.” According to the information released by the authorities on Friday, more than fifty persons in various parts of India were scammed out of several lakhs of rupees by the phony contact center. Eight women who worked as telecallers to encourage customers to pay have been issued notices and requested to join the inquiry. The mastermind of the scam, a graduate of Delhi University who controlled the contact center, has been detained, and the investigation has been asked of the eight women. The police have found 12 standard mobile phones, a smartphone that was being used to run a digital payment application, 16 small notebooks that were being used to record details of victims and their financial transactions, a register that was being used to keep track of employee attendance, and 10 different bottles of sexual enhancement pills and sprays.

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police for the Outer North, Brijendra Yadav, the contact center has been in operation since July 2021. According to DCP Yadav, “We have frozen the digital payment account that was used for transactions amounting to 5.67 lakh,” and “we are looking into the matter.” An inquiry was conducted by the cyber cell police station of outer-north district based on the complaint of a guy who had been scammed out of 70,000 rupees after being given a job as an escort. The police added that the call center was busted as a result of the investigation. During the inquiry, the technical surveillance team identified the whereabouts of the beneficiary of the digital account, and they discovered that a contact center was being established for similar bogus operations.

This information was provided by DCP Yadav of the technical surveillance team. On Thursday, a raid was carried out, and the mastermind, who has been named as Mehtab, was taken into custody. In addition, there were eight female workers who were gathered up at the contact center. “The ladies were hired by the company to make calls and provide ads on pornographic websites. They dialed random numbers and approached individuals, requesting that they purchase sexual enhancement items. The telemarketers extended an invitation to join escort services in exchange for handsome compensation to anybody who said that their health and energy were excellent and that they did not need any medicine. Those who accepted were scammed out of money under the guise of registration and other processing fees, according to Yadav.

The ladies had a habit of calling around 500 random numbers each day, but only between 50 and 100 of those calls were successful. They were successful in persuading 10–20 of those individuals to work as escorts in exchange for generous compensation. According to the police, Mehtab received his degree from Delhi University but did not continue his education beyond the undergraduate level. After that, he began his preparation for the civil service and at that time, he worked in a few different contact centers. “After gaining experience in the industry, Mehtab started the fake call center with the idea of selling sexual power enhancement pill and spray called ‘Karya Sukh Power,’ and convincing people to join the escort services with the promise of earning quick and easy money,” the DCP stated. “Mehtab’s plan was to sell the product and convince people to join the escort services.”

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