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It is a narrative that starts with a ride. A luxury automobile gently stops in front of the cinema we are waiting outside of in south Kolkata. I am present. The 30-something man in the driver’s seat commands, “Get inside. He is wearing a branded t-shirt and shorts, much like a businessman going for a drive on his off day. It does not take long to get down to business: “Tell me your budget, and I will tell you what you can have.” Everything he says and displays over the course of the following 90 minutes—rates, people, and rented apartments—indicates Kolkata’s rapid urbanization. The city has come a long way from massage parlors to clandestine street corner deals and now boasts a fully developed escort service business worth potentially billions of dollars. The services are publicly promoted online and in print. There is something for everyone, whether they are male or female, dark or fair, fetishistic or fantastical.Example of these ads:# âThis gorgeous Kolkata Escort… when wearing a G-string under a seductive attire that is ideal for a night out in Kolkata, things get quite heated. She has a thing for both and has a whole wardrobe full of them. She enjoys moving her body rhythmically while dancing, much like so many talented Kolkata dancers do. Get her off her feet and let her perform for you. I have warm, sensuous eyes that instantly make you melt, and I am a terrific communicator. I enjoy attending parties and will be happy to be the center of attention at any gathering. A true goddess who must not be missed. Her favorite item is a pair of side-tied underwear. She finds them comfortable, but we both know better. She reportedly possesses a cunning method that allows her to quickly release the knot and let the items fall to the ground. She claimed to have learned the skill at university. It all comes down to wrist movement! Therefore, the emphasis is not solely on sex. For the “discerning” customer, there is titillation, fantastic discussion, and mingling. Rates range from 10,000 and 10 lakh. Getting the ideal escort from any class or profession is not an issue if you have the money, claims our man. He shows us pictures as he pages through a nice magazine. He gestures toward one of the women and says, “You can book this lady for $25,000,” adding, “If you want to increase your budget, you can get professionals from other industries too.” He then opens his notepad. There is a row of faces in a picture gallery. Feeling perplexed?But is not 10 lakh a little too high, we wonder as he lists off something distinctive about each of the women. You have to fork up cash if you want glamour. I have heard that in Mumbai, the fees for well-known faces might even reach one crore. He informs us that those are only for bigwigs. Our next stop is one of the service units. It is on a highrise’s 12th floor. You can rent the flat in addition to the escort. Kolkata is quickly catching up to Mumbai and Delhi in terms of popularity of this idea. There is a butler and a bar in this apartment. The cost is only 5,000. He promises that you will receive invoices for everything in case you want to have them paid back. He advises us that while hotels and guest homes are safe options, service apartments are safer. Booking requires just a small fee. He advises that one should ideally reserve two bodyguards in case one does not arrive or becomes ill. Once you have narrowed down the candidates, please let me know two days in before. He adds, “I will go ahead with the booking,” and then he drives off. No, we decided against making the reservation. However, the conversations we had and the time we spent researching escort services online provided us a glimpse of the market. This is a “hyper-differentiated culture in a highly individualistic society,” according to sociologists. Riby Sain, a sociologist, claims that Kolkata is embracing free sex. Ten years ago, reports of firangs traveling to Mumbai or Delhi to accompany Indian escorts would circulate. They would meet other demands and aid in acquainting visitors with our culture. Remember, it is no longer about the helpless females being coerced into it. The Concise Oxford Dictionary describes an escort as “a person who is hired or formally requested to accompany a member of the opposite sex to a social event.” Many of the participants come from wealthy families. Prostitute is the secondary meaning of the word. The services are unlawful, according to Calcutta High Court criminal attorney Imran Ali. The Indian Constitution grants the right to operate a business for profit in Article 19. The legislation does, however, permit some limitations. For instance, it is impossible to run an explosives business for profit. Therefore, some logical limits are imposed under Article 19(1G). Whatever definition you use, Kolkata is undoubtedly moving down the XXX lane. Code words in escort adsAmazon: A tall, strong, frequently masculine womanASP: Adult Service ProvidersBBW: Big beautiful womanDDG: Drop dead gorgeousDFK: Deep French kissingDonation: Payment Doubles: A threesome with two ASPs French: Oral sex Raincoat: Protection GFE: Girl Friend Experience Incall: Meet the escort at his/her location The movie followed the lives of a struggling sex worker who was employed by a rich businessman as his escort. Julia received an Oscar nomination for her performance in Midnight Cowboy (1969), a film that won three Oscars and starred Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight. My Own Private Idaho (1981) was the tale of two male escorts, played by River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves, who were trying to make it big as male escorts and their friendship with a fellow hustler. The pair toured the globe in quest of each other’s mothers. Lagaa Chunari mein Daag (2007)Badki (Rani Mukerji) has to run the show at home and, as a result, travels to Mumbai in search of employment. The movie made its debut at the 1991 Venice Film Festival. Koyekti Meyer Golpo (2012)A entertaining narrative centered around an escort agency. She is compelled to become the exclusive call girl known as Natasha after facing numerous challenges, feeling hopeless, and having no other options. The newest North Bengali participant, Raima, joins Mumtaz, Parno, Tanusree, Locket, Kanchana, and Nimisha.

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