For offering gigolo jobs to over 4,000 young people, two were arrested.

NEW DELHI: According to authorities, two men lured over 4,000 young people looking for work online by promising to work as gigolos and escorts. Kuldeep Singh Charan, 29, and Shyam Lal Yogi, 33, both residents of Jaipur, Rajasthan, have been named by police as the suspects. A senior police officer claimed that one of the defendants “used to pose as a woman NRI client and talk in a female voice to induce youngsters.” The complainant claimed in his report that while looking for a job online, he came across the website “SP Playboy” and called the number listed there, the officer added. The accused requested Rs 2,499 as an initial registration fee under the pretense of offering the complainant a job, according to the police, and then presented the complainant with an identity card via WhatsApp. The accused then began requesting money under the guise of a 40% advance commission, a massage kit, pass code fees, and hotel booking fees. The officer claimed that the allegedly defrauded the complainant out of Rs 39,190. According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer North) Devesh Kumar Mahla, throughout the course of the inquiry, police apprehended Charan in Sector 12, Jaipur, Rajasthan. The co-accused’s bank account, which was opened in Yogi’s name, contained the stolen money. According to the DCP, Yogi owned the phone number provided to the complainant in the name of the NRI customer. The two defendants were living together in Thadi Market, Mansarovar, Sector-12 in Jaipur and are both from the same village. According to the research that has been done thus far, they have defrauded more than 4,000 people since 2017 under the guise of gigolo and escort services, Mahla claimed. For receiving the stolen money, they have used more than a dozen different bank accounts. Apparently, Yogi was taken into custody on January 25. Yogi was a hotel receptionist up till 2017. His Hindi and English are both native. The DCP claimed that he can imitate girls’ voices and appear as an NRI woman customer. For the previous four years, the two defendants have been engaged in playboy, escort, gigolo, and dating service internet fraud. They claimed that notice had been served on the website’s web developer, and that his involvement in the case was being investigated. They were found to be in possession of four mobile phones, one laptop, one desktop, one hard drive, and other items, according to the police. (With assistance from PTI)

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