For the convict’s escape, 6 cops were suspended.

Pune: Additional commissioner of Pune police Jalindar Supekar on Saturday passed an order suspending a sub-inspector and five constables for the escape of a murder convict from their custody at Golwara in Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh on May 15. The six-member police party from the Shivajinagar police headquarters had escorted the convict, Ved Prakash Singh, from the Yerawada Central Jail to Golwara on a week-long parole, so that he could attend his daughter’s wedding. After the wedding, he managed to give the slip to the accompanying police party.Later, an inquiry was ordered into the incident, following which the sub-inspector and the five constables were suspended. “Ved Prakash was serving a life imprisonment sentence for his conviction in a murder case,” Supekar, who heads the administration department in Pune police, told TOI on Sunday. The police continue to look for him. “Singh’s daughter’s wedding was scheduled for May 14 and he had applied for leave with the prison authorities. The jail officials granted him parole for seven days,” he said. “The escort party took him to his village in Sultanpur district. Singh attended the wedding ceremony. On the same night, all the escort party members slept after having dinner at his home. Singh then ran away in the early hours,” he added.The police party then searched his house and nearby areas. They also informed the local police about the missing convict. They too searched for Singh, but failed to locate him. The police party then reported the incident to the city police. “We conducted an inquiry into the matter and it was revealed that the police party was lax in their approach. Thus, we have suspended them,” the officer added.

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