For those who are blind, it is a terrifying experience every ten meters in Hazratganj.

LUCKNOW: A visually impaired person faces one obstruction every 10 metres in posh Hazratganj area.This came to light when TOI escorted two visually impaired students from Hazratganj metro station to SPM Civil Hospital. Even most of the people were found to be insensitive towards the problems of these students.The exercise was conducted to gauge the hardships faced by people with special needs on the eve of International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD).On Friday afternoon, TOI joined two visually impaired students of Dr Shakuntala Mishra National Rehabilitation University, Rajan Kesharwani (MA, political science) and Raj Bharti (PhD, political science), at Hazratganj metro station. From here, they started for SPM Civil Hospital.They had barely walked 10 metres when they found iron nails and narrowly escaped falling down. Luckily, both of them were holding each other’s hands for support.As they moved forward, they again hit against a hoarding of a clothing merchant in Lovelane. Thereafter, walking 20 steps, they stepped down in a pothole. Using their sticks, they found a small footpath adjacent to pavement. Due to the missing ramp, they stumbled a bit but regain control.After about 15 metres towards Hanuman Mandir, the footpath was a step down due to which they lost their balance and fell on a momos stall. They reached Hazratganj crossing after coming across 40 obstacles and took them 30 minutes to cover the distance which takes 15 minutes to complete.They waited for 15 minutes at the crossing as nobody bothered to stop and give them way to cross the road. Eventually, they dared to move ahead, escaping close shaves from vehicles. Upon reaching the other end, the duo stumbled upon auto-rickshaws waiting for passengers.Meanwhile, a woman passing by shouted at them as they unknowingly reached the middle of the road. Hearing this, Raj Bharti, said: “These people are so insensitive that they don’t understand we are blind. My friends and I face this on a daily basis.” Eventually, they reached the hospital and consulted a doctor. Their walk back to the station was no different.

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