Fortis-Escort performs uncommon heart operations.

JAIPUR: Doctors in Jaipur performed an uncommon hybrid aortic dissection surgery that involved inserting a covered stent. The main blood vessel (aorta) that carries blood from the heart (the patient, a 64-year-old male) had a significant rip when he was admitted to the hospital. A group of six specialists at the Fortis-Escort needed nearly nine hours to execute the difficult procedure. The tear was close to two other significant blood vessels when the situation was brought to their attention, and placing a stent on the tear part would have prevented the patient’s left hand and neck from receiving blood. “The vessel has swollen about five times owing to the tear, and there was also risk of sections of the patient becoming paralyzed,” said hospital doctor Ajeet Bana. “The dissection was stretching from neck vascular to the groin (junction of the inner part of thigh).

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