Four are detained, but they are released on bond in the elevator accident case

Nagpur: Four people, including the proprietors of Anusaya Mangal Sabhagruha, have been detained by Nandanvan police in connection with the last week’s fatal lift accident involving 16-year-old Sujan Sahu. The owners of the hall, Jayashree and Sanjay Kale, along with manager Dinesh Pilley and labor contractor Kanhaiyya Patel, were also detained, according to Senior Inspector Kishor Nagrale of the Nandanvan police station. The four were later released, according to Nandanvan police sources, because the offenses for which they were arrested qualified for bail, including 304 A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The owners of the hall had originally claimed that Sahu had entered a space intended only for the transit of products, not people. Additionally, a warning sign was posted inside the elevator. Last week, Sahu, a member of the catering team, died after getting hurt while riding in the elevator with some kitchenware. When he arrived at the private hospital, the physicians had already pronounced him dead. The hall owners, management, and labor or catering contractors were charged with a crime for causing the death due to negligence after Nandanvan police initially filed an accidental death investigation.

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