In Kolkata, student escort rackets are pervasive.

Is Talibanization taking place on the campuses in Kolkata in the pretext of enforcing a dress code, according to Madhumanti Maitra, Lecturer-Selection Grade at Muralidhar Girls’ College?Many colleges have begun enforcing a clothing code. College is not a catwalk where students can show off their outfits. After college hours, individuals are free to wear anything they like. My friends, whose kids attend reputable colleges in Kolkata, tell me that the schools have even established the types of t-shirts that are permitted on campus. Students are instructed to wear collared t-shirts rather than round-necked ones. It is important to realize that this is being done to keep kids’ attention. There have been times when I have observed pupils get so engrossed in their preoccupation with clothing that they begin to think that clothing defines a guy. A split in the class develops when certain students can utilize brands but not others. And some pupils experience an inferiority feeling as a result of it. Although not at my college, I have heard of students who would not hesitate to use dishonest tactics to get enough pocket money to support a better standard of living! It is the duty of the college administration to stop this tendency from spreading on campus. What do you mean by utilizing “unfair means”?I believe that a lot of people are aware that this city has a student escort racket. I have no idea how far students will go, but I have been told that this scam is rather common on numerous college campuses. Mobile phones are used to make the majority of contacts!Mobile phone use is not permitted on campus, according to your college. Do you agree with it?Let me tell you a story. A student was discovered using her phone to listen to music while a teacher was in the room teaching the lesson. This level of disobedience simply cannot be accepted. Our pupils range in age from 18 to 21. They sometimes do not realize how loud they are when talking about personal issues over the phone since they put their hearts on their sleeves. They have occasionally lost track of their whereabouts and run into teachers while on the phone and chatting about their romantic lives. I am not sure how simple it will be to enforce a ban on student cell phone use on campus. It might not be useful enough. What if professors are also prohibited from using their phones on campus?I do not believe things will progress to that point. I will always remember to keep my phone in silent mode while on campus. However, pupils are not always that accountable. Have you read the college policy prohibiting the wearing of shorts and capris by students? Do you consider these to be lewd?I have never seen a circular like that. Circulars are typically read aloud when they are distributed. I have not heard any such circular read out in class. There is no clothing code on campus, the principal emphatically stated to me after we spoke. The only requirement is that students should dress nicely. How do you determine what constitutes good wear?I will not get into the specifics of the anatomy. I am unable to draw comparisons between what we wore to school and what they wear now. Even my students cannot be expected to dress like we formerly did. In the college where I teach, there are students from two different classes. Some people merely manage to wear what has been passed on to them. They cannot possibly consider donning capris and tight jeans. However, I have encountered pupils that are dressed in a peculiar way, so it is not like I haven’t. They feel uncomfortable, and so do those around them. Then again, it is possible to counter that this is merely a person’s impression. Our college primarily serves a class of less affluent students. Are shorts and capris acceptable dress for students? Students that wear shorts and capris frequently stand out in the crowd.Capris work well. Shorts, in my opinion, will seem incredibly out of place on our campus. They are not morally offensive to me. Do my male colleagues have any reservations about this? I am stating all this while taking in mind the economic background of the majority of the students, for whom shorts will appear very out-of-place.I would not be aware of that, but what about low-cut blouses worn with cleavage-baring kurtas and saris? Are not those offensive?True, such clothing might be offensive. Actually, I would prefer not to see my students dressed in saris. Teachers are compelled to dress in saris. But if one must use public transportation, managing saris on a regular basis is exceedingly challenging. Most of my students take trains to school. I believe that wearing saris to college is quite difficult for them.Follow us on Twitter for more news

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