It is official: Siri Ravikumar’s next role will be that of an escort.

When RJ Siri Ravikumar started getting movie offers, she was clear that she’d steer clear of run-of-the-mill roles and only take up roles that would satiate her creatively. Having acted in umpteen flicks and forayed as leading lady recently with Sakutumba Sametha and Abracadabra, Siri’s next stint sees her playing an escort. Directed by Arvind Sastry, the movie is about modern-day Bengaluru and focuses on the lives of three people, one of which is Siri.“When Arvind Sastry narrated the story, I wanted to be a part of it from the word go. I’m stoked to be playing such a character, because the concept of an escort has never really been explored in Kannada films before. What made it intriguing for me is that you hear of such stories in real life, but you never know the inner goings on,” states Siri. Read AlsoSiri Ravikumar says that with a firm foothold in theatre, films were an eventuality for herAfter her stint as a radio jockey, films too came up almost as a natural progression, she saysShe adds, “When someone says escort, there’s an image that instantly comes to mind. We assume that she must have taken it up against her will or that there is a sob story behind it. But my character has no such background. She has chosen to be an escort and there is no back story. She lives life on her own terms, caters to high-society and is unapologetic about who she is. The styling is equally integral to her part — she is dressed in trench coats and boots,” points out Siri. What sets her role apart, though, is the way the director has treated it. “There are no intimate scenes; it’s all suggestive and aesthetic,” says Siri who shares that there is an underlying love story, too. “Aravinnd Iyer and Gopalakrishna Deshpande are in the film and our lives intertwine at some point. That’s the highlight of the film,” she sums up.

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