Kendall Jenner attempts to conceal her departure from Jaipur, while Sushant has police escort him.

We previously informed you that model and reality show icon Kendall Jenner was in Jaipur to film a magazine cover alongside Sushant Singh Rajput. While the filming was strictly secured, we eventually caught a glimpse of Kendall on Friday evening as she was fleeing Jaipur. She attempted to conceal her face with her jersey when she spotted photographers at the airport, but we were able to capture an image of the startled model. After spending two days in Jaipur for a magazine cover session, Kendall Jenner boarded a chartered flight to Delhi on Friday evening. According to sources, the reality television star and international photographer Mario Testino were at Samode Palace for an elaborate fashion magazine photoshoot in which Sushant Singh Rajput also appears. While the location was heavily secured, we spotted Jenner and Sushant at the Jaipur airport on their way to separate destinations. In the afternoon, Sushant left for Mumbai. At the airport, while wearing a sweatshirt and black jeggings, she appeared somewhat perturbed upon spotting a few photographers. She waited in the car while her staff examined her documents at the entrance, then concealed her face with a jacket before exiting. The security personnel at the airport became inquisitive upon detecting the presence of a celebrity. At the entrance gate, Pushpa Jat of the CISF informed us, ‘Humein toh laga itni badi celebrity hain shayad, isiliye shakal nahi dikha rahein. Jab tak baahar thi toh muh dhak kar rakha tha. Phir andar aake hata diya. Only a proof of identity and a ticket will be issued. In addition, they chartered a flight to Delhi.’ Sushant Singh Rajput (BCCL/ Shalini Maheshwari) Sushant Singh Rajput (BCCL/ Shalini Maheshwari) Was Sushant escorted by police owing to the ‘Rajput’ controversy?Sushant arrived at the airport with SHO Shankar Sharma and a few police officers, whereas Kendall had brought her own security to avoid the cameras. As a sign of protest against Karni Sena members who attacked Sanjay Leela Bhansali and vandalized the sets of ‘Padmavati’ in Jaipur, the actor recently dropped his surname temporarily. Shankar Sharma stated, “We were conducting routine patrols outside the airport when we received a request to accompany the actor to the departure area. There is no such reason.’ However, if sources are to be believed, Sushant, who feared protests from the Rajput community for abandoning his surname, had requested police protection.

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