Killings of Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf: How UP police reconstructed the crime scene

In order to better understand the series of events leading up to the sensational hit on April 15 evening, the Special Investigation Team (SIT), which is looking into the sensational killing of gangster brothers Atiq Ahmed and Khalid Azim alias Ashraf, recreated the crime scene on the Colvin Hospital campus on Thursday. The SIT members were joined by experts from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL). Also called to the scene were the police officers who had been accompanying Atiq and Ashraf during the incident. The three shooters, however, were not transported to the crime scene. A probe team measured the distance from the police car to the hospital gate.More than 50 police officers and forensic experts carried out the crime scene recreation and gathered all necessary data. Six steps were required to recreate the crime scene: dummy Atiq and Ashraf stepping out of a police car outside the hospital, moving towards the hospital campus, firing on the gangster brothers at point-blank range, dummy Atiq and Ashraf falling to the ground, shooters surrendering, and shooters being apprehended. According to the crime scene reconstruction, two males were first observed exiting a police car and being led towards the MLN Divisional hospital campus while wearing white headscarves resembling those worn by Atiq and his brother Ashraf. When the pair entered the hospital campus and began speaking with “reporters,” three men posing as journalists opened fire on them at close range. They consequently collapsed to the ground, generating a ruckus as the cops arrested the gunmen. The distances from the police car to the hospital’s main gate and from the hospital’s main gate to the scene of the incident were also measured by the SIT team and FSL experts. Additionally, they made note of everything that might be relevant to solving the case. In the second round of the crime scene recreation, the police pointedly mimicked the actions seen in the recordings of the killing of Atiq-Ashraf. In the midst of a group of journalists, the couple acting as Atiq and Ashraf could be seen moving slowly. They were being followed by a few police officers when a man suddenly raised his rifle and shot Atiq Ahmed dead in the head. More than two individuals were observed firing at the gangster’s brother. In exactly the same way as it happened on Saturday night, the job was completed in 22 seconds, at which point the gunners raised their hands and were pinned by the police. A group of three assailants shot and killed the gangsters Atiq and Ashraf on Saturday night on the grounds of Colvin Hospital, which is located within the boundaries of Shahganj Police Station. The SIT is currently caring for the three suspects, Lavlesh Tiwari, 22, Mohit Singh alias Shani, 23, and Arun Maurya, 18. They were charged with violating IPC Sections 302 and 307, Sections 3, 5, and 27 of the Arms Act, and CLA Section 7.

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