Lekshmy Nandan of Neeyum Njanum addresses the recordings that her father provided her, which show her ostensibly working as an escort.

Actress Lekshmy Nandan, who plays Sandra in the Tamil film Neeyum Njanum, has addressed the widespread distribution of photos and a video purporting to show her working as an escort online. In a recent video posted to her social media accounts, Lekshmy addresses the issue and provides a link to the video in question. She described herself as “speechless” when her father told her the news after seeing the video a coworker had emailed him. “One of my father’s colleagues sent him this and enquired about the issue. I can’t even imagine the hardship my father had gone through. He shared the same with me and I was speechless. When I chose the path of being a part of the entertainment industry, I expected that everywhere you go people will be recognizing me and my personal life will be questioned in public. But, why does my family have to go through such a situation?” she asks in the video.Read AlsoViral astrologer Hari Pathanapuram and wife Sabitta enter TV show ‘Njanum Entalum’; the former says ‘I wish to break the stereotype'”Many people were surprised about my entry to the show. One of my friends, shared it online and he was asked, ‘Do astrologers have a romantic side ?’. Some have a mindset that certain people are supposed to behave in a particular way. I want to break that typecast. Yes, I am an astrologer, and IFurther in the video, she emphasized that it is important for a woman to react to such ‘atrocities’ and added that she will take legal action as well.”Guysss.. react.. react.. react.. What would other people think if they had experienced anything like this? Am I making my family seem bad? I could never tell my loved ones. These doubts may have prevented you from taking action. the longer you wait to respond,. the more it will change or perhaps destroy someone else’s life. so please.. When the time comes, respond. I pray that those who deserve it the most receive it. Here’s the video:Actor Lekshmy Nandan plays the antagonist in the hit program ‘Neeyum Njanum.’ She said, “and I wish more ppl come forward when faced with such cyber bullies and bullying.”

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