Mahira is detained on December 29 because she is misidentified as an escort.

Karan enters the Luthra residence with Mahira in the most recent episode of Kundali Bhagya and informs his mother that he has left Preeta at the hotel. He tells his mother that he made an error by having sexual relations with Mahira and that he must now marry her. Preeta arrives and informs Karan that he did nothing wrong. Preeta insists to Rakhi that Karan has not committed any wrongdoing and that Sherlyn and Mahira are manipulating the situation in order to save their marriage. Sherlyn supports Mahira by claiming that Preeta is lying to save her marriage. She also discloses that Mahira and Sherlyn would have murdered Mahesh’s father had she not married Karan that day. Nobody believes her and asks Preeta to leave.It is revealed that she was only dreaming and she breathes a sigh of relief.In Karan’s room, Mahira has already given him the second dose of sedative and he faints.She is about to hug him when someone knocks on her door and she asks that person to leave.However, the knocking continues and she opens the door to find a police officer. The manager has declined. Mahira states that she is Karan’s wife, prompting the police officer to request evidence. Mahira attempts to awaken Karan, but realizes that she has already administered the second dosage. Police apprehend Mahira because they believe she is an escort.Mahira is also referred to as an escort by correspondents, and she is then taken to the police station.She cautions them not to arrest her because she is an influential person. She then requests the officer’s permission to call her relative. She then telephones her mother, Kareena bua, and Sherlyn. When the police officer calls Sherlyn, Preeta answers the phone. She requests that they meet Mahira. Mahira attempts to seduce Karan in the most recent episode of Kundali Bhagya. Preeta is concerned about Karan, as seen in the December 28 update of the show. She wears Preeta’s nightgown in an attempt to entice him.

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