Meerut police escorted by the RAF and PAC conduct an operation at the notorious Sotiganj market.

MEERUT: Swooping down on “thriving” market of stolen motorcycle parts in the city, a large contingent of police force, PAC and RAF personnel raided infamous Sotiganj market on Sunday. The police detained as many as five persons for questioning and seized seven bikes from them after they failed to produce proper documents. Sotiganj market has the reputation of being the last destination of vehicles stolen from Delhi-NCR and other parts of UP. Superintendent of police (SP) Maan Singh Chauhan told TOI: “We have detained five suspected persons and seized seven motorcycles from them, for lack of proper documentation. It was also found that the registers provided to each shop in Sotiganj, to keep a check on the source of the vehicles being dismantled there, did not have sufficient entries. The shopkeepers, who have been detained, are being questioned and inputs regarding vehicle theft being taken from them.” Sotiganj is notoriously known as a market where stolen vehicles are dismantled and their parts sold in open. One company each of Rapid Action Force (RAF) and Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC), at least 10 station officers and circle officers were part of the raiding team to ensure that nothing goes wrong. “Earlier, during the raids at Sotiganj, we never got anything suspicious because people in the area used to get tip-off about the raids well before time. “But, this time, special care was taken. Only a few top cops knew about the location of the raids. We are questioning the five people detained from the area. Many shops could have been sealed as they had incomplete documents, but they have been left with a warning,” said SP Chauhan. “We will conduct another raid very soon and then strict action will be taken against people,” said Chauhan.

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