Minister’s escort car crashes into four after losing control.

RANCHI: On Monday morning, four people, including three ladies, suffered serious injuries when Baidyanath Ram, the state’s HRD minister, struck them while driving his escort vehicle at a high rate of speed close to the Doranda police station. The Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences’ (RIMS) intensive care unit has received three female casualties. After receiving first assistance, cobbler Vishnu Ram, who was hurt in the collision, is reportedly no longer in danger and has been released from the hospital. According to a witness, the four-wheeler’s driver, Purushottam Minz, lost control of the vehicle while it was navigating the roundabout and trampled the three women. Local adolescents pulled the driver out of the car while he was intoxicated and unable to stand; they were so enraged that they beat him before setting the car on fire, according to the witness. Even police officers who attempted to save the driver and stop the mob from torching the car were stoned by the mob. The witness said, “Instead of apprehending the driver, the police utilized force and even beat some adolescents, which enraged them. The driver of the vehicle, which belonged to the education department, was also hurt in the collision and was taken to the hospital, according to Ranchi SSP Saket Kumar Singh, who also requested that a FIR be filed against the driver for reckless and careless driving. Police have roped off the entire area as a precaution, and security guards have been stationed there to guard against any unexpected incidents. Alok Dubey, the leader of the Congress, who was holding a dharna close by, pointed the finger more at the district government than at the driver. The driver lost control because he did not have enough room to negotiate the curve, according to Dubey, who even threatened to organize a large protest if the work was not completed as soon as possible. “The repair work of the road has been on for the past four months and half the road has been blocked by removing the covering slabs of drains,” said Dubey.

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