Mumbai escort kidnapped after being offered a bribe of Rs 20,000

According to the complaint filed by the 24-year-old Matunga resident, Mohitkumar Taak (29) alias Prashant Dancer alias Bebo, originally from Jaipur, kidnapped him after promising to pay him Rs 20,000 to spend the night with a woman. If the man did not pay up, Taak threatened to frame him in a police case. The plan called for the guy to wait at a gas station in Andheri (west) on Monday, when Taak would arrive in an aggregator taxi to take him to the lady client. The complaint claims that Taak then instructed him to get inside the vehicle. After being released on Monday, he went to the Oshiwara police station to file a report, where he said, “For over two hours, Taakasked the driver to do the rounds of the city and threatened to fix me in false police cases if I did not pay Rs 5 lakh. He snatched Rs 2,000 I was carrying and made me transfer Rs 5,000 online before allowing me to go.” The cops were able to track down the aggregator taxi that Taak had taken because to surveillance video from many locations. Wajhul Khan (35), the taxi driver who reportedly assisted criminal mastermind Taak, was the first person the police located. Police say they arrested Taak at a hotel in Goregaon. Taak, who had previously attempted but failed to break into the film industry, has been booked for five such offenses between 2019 and 2022, according to police inspector Sachin Jadhavar. According to senior inspector Manohar Dhanwade, Taak had lured the man from Matunga last week after he had logged into a dating app.

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