Navy and Coast Guard accompany a damaged merchant vessel to Karwar while performing a rescue operation at sea.

Sumitra Devi, 78, of NEW DELHI, underwent an urgent bypass procedure in March after surviving a major heart attack. Since then, she has had to be very careful with her diet and medication. She was getting ready for a morning walk last week when she suddenly felt chest pain and shortness of breath. Following a physical examination, it was discovered that Devi had a chest infection and heart disease, both of which were believed to be caused by the narrowing of blood vessels that occurs when a person is subjected to cold temperatures. According to Dr. Ashok Seth of the Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, “Had she not reported to the hospital on time, it could have been fatal. We put her on antibiotic therapy for three days, and her heart function also improved with medications.” He claimed that the risk of heart attacks rises significantly during the winter, especially among the elderly. The issue is aggravated by pneumonia and flu, thus we are encouraging all cardiac patients to get immunized. According to medical professionals, extremely cold temperatures frequently result in hypothermia, a fatal condition in which the body’s temperature dips to dangerously low levels. According to Dr. A B Dey, head of the geriatric section at AIIMS, “early morning walks should be delayed by two hours until the temperature gets warmer. Old people have weak lungs and many suffer from asthma and chronic bronchitis. Such patients should not be allowed to go out in foggy weather.” He advised family members to make sure older people are properly prepared for the cold, including wearing socks and covering their heads. According to Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja, HOD at Max Hospital, Saket, senior people are more likely to get pneumonia as a result of seasonal influenza complications. If flu symptoms like coughing up yellow sputum, having a fever, and having shortness of breath are neglected, it can result in pneumonia and a chest infection, the doctor advised. Bones become stiffer in the winter, which can lead to falls and slips. Doctors advise making sure walkways are well-lit and have a level surface to check this.

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