On the night of Obama’s victory, Berlo put me to bed, claims the escort girl.

On the night of Barack Obama election as US president last November, Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, threw a candlelit dinner party for three beautiful women at Palazzo Grazioli, his luxurious residence in Rome. One of the guests, a former actress and escort girl called Patrizia Addario, 42, says he then asked her to stay the night. Not only that, but she claims to have taped the conversation that followed. ���Go and wait for me in the big bed,��� the 72-year-old billionaire is said to have told her. He was going to have a shower and change into a bathrobe. An extract from Addario���s tape that was leaked to an Italian newspaper and published on Saturday shows that she replied: ���Yes, the big bed.��� According to Addario, Berluscons staff reminded him that he was expected at an election night rally organised by the Italy-USA Foundation, but the prime minister stayed at home. Officials informed him later of Obama���s victory. Her account is the latest in a series of claims about Berluscons private life that have embarrassed him He has described Addario���s claims as ���trash and falsehoo. ���I will not be swayed by these attacks and will continue to work for the good of the country,��� he said. Addario���s story has been supported by her friend Barbara Montereale a hostess who claims to have accompanied her to the party on November 4 and to a similar event two weeks earlier. Addario, from Bari, southern Italy – who stood in local elections earlier this month for a party linked to Berluscons, – described her alleged involvement with the prime minister in a two-hour interview last week with The Sunday Times. She said it began when she was paid ��850 to attend a dinner party with a large group of women last October. Addario said she had filmed herself standing in front of a mirror, a framed picture of Berluscons estranged wife, Veronica Lario, and a bed. Asked why she had taped her host, she said: ���I felt safer filming and recording everything. And Berlusconi made me a promise; he was very sweet to me.��� She added that she had had ���serious problems��� with a man in the past and she felt safer with a recorder. She was driven back to a hotel, she explained. ���When I opened the door of the suite, one of the two girls who had left after the dinner laughed and asked me, ���Did you get the envelope?������ But Addario had received no such envelope. Addario, Montereale and two other women have been heard as witnesses by Giuseppe Scelsi, a Bari prosecutor who is leading an investigation into Giampaolo Tarantini, a businessman suspected of corruption and abetting prostitution.

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