Online Escort Service Scammer Duped 25k from Old Men

When a man in his sixties looked for escort services online in Amritsar, he was taken advantage of by members of a gang hailing from West Bengal, who conned him out of Rs 25,000.

According to the inspector, the individual who filed the complaint worked as an accountant and, since the passing of his wife, had been residing in Rani Bagh with his two sons and their families. After doing an internet search for escort services, he dialed the number that was provided. The lady who answered the phone call informed him that the registration fee is 2,000 Indian Rupees (Rs). After he had deposited the money online, the lady then requested that he send an additional Rs. 8,200 for a privacy code and travel expenses of Amritsar Call Girls and escorts to his location.

The lady gave the old guy her word that she would see that he got his money back. The complainant received another call the next day, this time from a guy named Avinash, who chatted with him. He requested a payment of Rs. 14,500 from him for the hotel booking, under the pretense that the hotel room would be reserved for the whole of the year and that he would be provided with premium accommodations along with other amenities.

The elderly man gave the accused a total of 25,000 rupees over the course of three separate transactions; nevertheless, the accused did not deliver any escorting services. The individual requested that they cancel the reservations, to which they responded by requesting an additional Rs 10,000 to cancel the registration; after paying this fee, the individual would be refunded all of the payments. According to Kanwa, “The man came to the realization that he had been tricked and filed a complaint against the accused.”

He said that the elderly person had supplied two phone numbers to him that the accused had used to contact him. Both of these telephone numbers are listed under the name of.

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