Police are looking into how Bharat Chunara was able to escape from escort guards.

PUNE: A brave but hurried attempt by three Pune police constables to apprehend a suspect after he jumped from a moving train near Visapur in Karnataka backfired, leaving all of the officers with broken limbs and one of them in critical condition. Despite being gravely injured, the suspect was unable to flee and lay immobile. When the prisoner jumped out of the speeding train just 15 minutes after it left the Visapur station, one of the constables, Shrinath Kamble (25), told TOI from his hospital bed here on Saturday that they did tell the TC to pull the chain but did not wait for it to slow down out of fear that they would lose their jobs. The three constables, Hanumant Masal (27), Vikas Phule (23), and Kamble, were transported to Pune on Saturday morning and are receiving treatment at the Hardikar hospital in Shivajinagar for limb fractures and other wounds. The suspect, Sidram Mangurale, 36, is being treated in a hospital in Visapur. He is from Akkalkot in the Solapur district. Mangurale was detained in the Yerawada jail and is accused of being involved in two murder cases, an attempted murder, and theft in Visapur and Solapur. On November 10, as the police were bringing Mangurale back to Pune after presenting him before a Visapur court, the event took place. In order to bring Mangurale before the court in Indi, Karnataka, the following day in connection with a murder and theft case, the police had taken him into custody from the jail on November 9. The following day, they brought him to the Indi court, but the judge was absent. The in-charge court at Visapur, which is roughly 50 kilometers from Indi, ordered them to deliver the suspect at the Indi court on November 23. On November 10, at 4.30 p.m., the police boarded the Bagalkot Express to travel from Pune to Solapur. According to TOI, Mangurale was taken to the bathroom by the police, according to reserve police inspector Motichand Rathod of the Pune police headquarters. He claimed that Masal stood behind, Phule held the handcuff, and Constable Kamble was holding a revolver. Kamble opened the bathroom door, but Mangurale abruptly shoved him and kicked Phule, causing the latter to sprain his ankle and fall on Masal. Between 4.30 and 4.45 p.m., the suspect abruptly got from the moving train at Aliabaugh village, according to him. The injured officers discovered Mangurale in a badly injured state, according to Rathod. Constabel Masal claimed that because the event occurred in a secluded location without access to help, the injured Kamble had to walk for about two hours to get to the main road without assistance from passing cars. Another hour and a half of waiting later, a motorcycle rider consented to let Kamble off close to the Vilaspur police station. To get to the police station, Kamble still had 1.5 kilometers to travel, according to him. The police officers at the police station were unable to comprehend Kamble when he asked for assistance. Thankfully, a subinspector who had just entered the police station after Kamble had done so heard what he was saying and ordered an ambulance to the scene. However, the ambulance driver was unable to find the location and returned empty-handed. The vehicle then brought Mangurale and Kamble along with the policemen to the hospital, according to Masal. I raised an alarm following the event and gave my revolver to chief constable P T Kokane, who was in charge of the escorting team, according to Kamble. We were transferred to the hospital in Visapur, where we received injections and first aid care. I also asked the TC to pull the chain, but I leaped out right away since I felt we would all lose our jobs if the accused was not detained. Phule underwent an MRI scan, Kamble continued. Constable Phule is present in IC. According to reports, he is in critical condition, according to his uncle Santosh Phule. Masal, Kamble, and Phule all sustained leg fractures, while Phule also sustained a hand fracture. Kokane has reported Mangurale to the Visapur railway police station for violating IPC sections 224 read with 511 (attempt to elude custody). According to the police rule, two officers are needed for every accused person, but because Mangurale is connected to severe crimes, a special escort of four officers was provided, according to joint commissioner of police (law and order) Sanjeev Kumar Singhal. Shirish Sardeshpande, deputy commissioner of police (headquarters), stated that the policemen risked their lives in order to apprehend the culprit and that every logistical support was provided to the officers once “we learned about the incident.” He continued by saying that the policemen received assistance from the superintendent of police in Vijapur.

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