Police escort in-charge for Punjab DGP commits suicide

GURGAON: The employment of “entry escorts” is a booming industry in city pubs and clubs, despite the fact that authorities are in denial mode. More than 100 women work as bar escorts on MG Road, where they are paid a minimum of Rs 500 to allow single males to enter the bar. These “escorts” are appreciated by the owners of pubs and bars since they bring in more patrons. Although the pubs, bars, lounges, and even the police may “officially” deny it, the truth is that there are many women working as “entry escorts” since it pays well. Over 100 women (mainly from Delhi) are posing as men’s partners at pub entrances as a quick way to make a lot of money by assisting guys in entering without paying the additional stag entry fee. These ladies, including those who are from other states but live in the capital, are primarily from Delhi. They reportedly swarm nearly every pub in the city and arrive back at midnight, according to sources. Even while it can mean extra money for them, this poses a serious security risk. The gang rape in a moving cab has once again raised attention to this crime that goes unpunished in the Millennium City. These girls, who come from various socioeconomic strata, are frequent visitors to these locations and occasionally have their regular customers and groups. They are picked up and dropped off by local cab drivers who have agreements with them. It is the pubs that need to check the practice because they themselves are hand in glove with these women. “Though many refer to it as flesh trade in disguise, police have their hands tied until it is proven to be a case of prostitution,” stated a senior police officer. Owners of bars disagree that everything takes place with their knowledge.

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