Prisoner purchases coffee from escorting Bengaluru police and escapes from a multi-story building.

BENGALURU: A 47-year-old undertrial escaped after tricking his two escorting policemen into taking him to Multi-Storey Building on September 4, three days after he was lodged in Central Prison, Bengaluru. Two City Armed Reserve (CAR) police personnel escorting Basavaraja Kalakayya Karadimata from Hubballi are now in the dock for falsely claiming he’d esaped from Jayadeva hospital after he complained of illness. Basavaraja was arrested in a case of cheating, extortion and atrocity and lodged in Hubballi prison. On September 1, he was transferred to Bengaluru jail on health grounds. On September 4, Basavaraja complained of chest pain and two CAR personnel took him to Jayadeva in a KSRP vehicle. The policemen claimed Basavarja ran away when they were going to a shop near the hospital, and they couldn’t catch him as one of them had undergone a leg surgery.Preliminary probe, however, revealed the CAR cops were lying. A senior officer said, “Our probe revealed that from Jayadeva, the CAR personnel took Basavaraja to MS Building on his request; he claimed he wanted to check land records. When they reached MS Building, the officers were exhausted. Basavaraja seated them on the fifth floor, ordered two coffees, and activated the ceiling fan. Then he stated that he would examine the documents in another room and vanished.”

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