Produce Aadhaar card even for escorts in Goa.

Banks and mobile phone companies are not the only entities requiring your Aadhaar card, as stated in Panaji. Five young men from Delhi who flew to Goa for a friend’s bachelor party recently discovered that it is also a requirement to have a contact with a pimp. After reserving a room at a hotel in the North Goa beach region, they contacted the acontacta and inquired about five females. The man pledged to respond as quickly as possible. The group waited anxiously for the next few hours while the man began verifying the customer’s cellphone number. After confirming that the caller was in fact from Delhi, the man phoned back and demanded this time that they transmit a photo of each of their Aadhaar cards via WhatsApp. Incredulous, the Delhi group complied with his request for a photograph of their room keys and hotel tags. At the opposite end, a thorough background check was conducted on the men, including a survey of the area near the hotel for any imminent danger. The adangera is from state police who are clamping down on the flesh trade. Agents and pimps do not want to leave anything to chance, so they verify customers’ identities with Aadhaar cards to ensure they are not police decoys. aDespite so many checks, the requested number of females will not be supplied. Typically, pimps acquire women for a set fee, say Rs 2 lakh each. The pimps then attempt to convert this 2 lakh rupees into 10 lakh rupees. They refrain from supplying many girls at once because if 5-10 of them are caught in one police raid, their entire income collapses,a says an unnamed police officer.Police officers say most of the flesh trade racket is operated from outside of the state, with Delhi and Mumbai serving as the hubs.In 2016, 86 girls, including two minors, were rescued by Goa police. In the province, approximately 300 females were rescued between 2010 and 2013. In 2014, 53 females were rescued, and in 2015, the number increased to 84. Prior to last year, the majority of victims rescued by Goa police were from Maharashtra and West Bengal. Foreign victims were primarily from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan.Many tourists are lured to Goa by websites and social media forums that promise escorts and call girls. Most pimps charge potential patrons between Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000. The fee, however, is negotiable.aThere are also pimps who charge Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000, but these girls only fly down to Goa after a deal is struck,a says a police source.aNinety percent of these cases end with the tourist being cheated,a says an officer, and explains the gangsa mode of operation: aThe pimp points to a girl standing on a balcony who waves to the customer. The customer pays the pimp approximately Rs 4,000. The guest is then instructed to proceed to the room. No one answers his tap on the door. Upon hearing the pounding on the door, those from neighboring apartments come out (possibly planted by the pimps) and make a racket, forcing the tourist to leave.aOnline forums such as The International Sex Guide are devoted to the exchange of pimps’ contact information with tourists from all over the world. Testimonies about Goa affirm that the majority of prostitution transactions result in deception.aWebsites guaranteeing escorts and call girls in Goa have attracted an increasing number of undesirable tourists to the state. There is little that can be done about it. It takes us a month to close down a website, but they launch a new one within a day, a police officer explains.

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