Russian and Spanish girls are provided by escort services in states

Atul Mehendi from New Delhi is listed on the Adult Friend Finder websites, which he refers to as the “largest brothel on the internet.” Mehendi has been providing ladies escorts in Gujarat since November of last year. Russian, Turkish, and Spanish are all options on Mehendia’s lengthy list. When TNN contacted several ‘escort agencies’ in Mumbai and Delhi, they confirmed that their women are in high demand in Gujarat. The majority of their customers are businessmen who enjoy the exotic. Mehendi claims to have a regular clientele in Ahmedabad. He earns a tidy Rs 35,000 per month after paying off the women. “Weprovide full service,” Mehendi said to TNN when they recently met him while traveling from Delhi to Ahmedabad on the Ashram Express. “I have met some new clients who have been demanding Russians. I have to meet them before I finalize the deal. I have to make sure that they are safe not psychos. Gujarati businessmen are safeunlike those from Mumbai or Delhi. Besides, my escorts are all well-dressed and sartorial. Depending on the sort of customer and the age of the women, the prices range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 18,000 per night. One service provider claimed, “Our three Spanish girls are already in Ahmedabad with a Middle-East delegation.” Police in Ahmedabad claimed that Mumbai newspapers are flooded with adverts for these “escort services,” which occasionally double as “massage services.” The advertisements mention Thai, Thai, Polish, and Lebanese masseurs. The contact numbers in these advertisements typicallymention names such as Nancy, Jenny, Sameera, etc., but if one rings up, it is typically a male voice that answers the phone, according to one official. “Hardly any advertisement mentions an Indian escort or an Indian masseur these days,” he added. I delivered two such students to a big multinational firm in South Gujarat in December, said Nasirbhai, who specializes in NRI escorts and charges anywhere from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per night. Regular customers receive a Rs 2,000 discount. However, contracts are only signed when the client’s credentials have been verified. According to Sudhir Sinha, the police commissioner of Vadodara, “Such cases do occur, but they do not come to light. We can”t do much unless there is proof that a third party is involved and money has exchanged hands.” PC Thakur, joint commissioner of police in Ahmedabad, agreed, saying, “It”s a clever way of circumventing SITA, and somehave managed to make it look dignified in this age of globalization.” However, Thakur claims that Ahmedabad has not received any reports of such a case. (Some names have been modified to protect identity.)

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