Social networking sites serve as a focal point for prostitution

INDORE: Following the arrest of the operator of an online escort service website on Thursday, the disseminated mobile numbers are now under surveillance by the cyber police of Madhya Pradesh. They are monitoring the WhatsApp communications, according to investigatory sources.aWe have discovered a prostitution ring that has disseminated a WhatsApp number throughout the city. They update the profile picture every week with a picture of an escort, and clients approach them if they like the offer,a said Jitendra Singh, SP cyber cell.City-based escort service agencies have also begun using social media to reach out to their customers in an effort to increase their clientele in the digital age. According to cyber authorities, social media has become a hub for these types of advertisements. In addition to the mobile number of the provider, the majority of these postings contain illicit images, videos, and connections to other websites with information about the services offered. Due to the absence of expense, even tiny agents are now publishing advertisements on social media. The business model is straightforward; agents do not inquire about a client’s whereabouts or identity. The first query is when the client desires the service, followed by the specifications. Depending on the requirement, while some insist on meeting in person, many send photographs over WhatsApp.The service fees range from Rs 10,000 to as much as Rs 2, 00,000, and the pimps, who act as the front end, receive commission on each customer based on the deal struck.These agencies are able to attract more customers by continually posting and updating their websites.

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