Soon, dissolving stents will be available for removing blockages

Imagine a stent that, after being implanted, not only widens blocked or narrow heart arteries in six months and delivers drugs for more than two months, but also dissolves completely in the body in two years. India is a participant in a 100-institute, final stage global trial of the world’s first fully biodegradable drug-delivering stent, which will eventually replace metal ones.Five institutes across India â Escorts Heart Research Institute (Delhi), The trial, which we intend to launch in another two weeks, has just received approval from the drug controller general.ââThe balloon angioplasty, bare metal stents, and current drug-eluting metal stents have all been used to treat clogged or narrow arteries. Thanks to the development of totally bioresorbable therapeutic implants, we have reached the fourth revolution in interventional cardiology technology, he continued. According to Dr. Seth, the Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold (BVS) technology is “truly revolutionary.” Because metal stents are often made of stainless steel or cobalt while bioabsorbable stents are constructed of polylactic acid, a substance with a history of being biocompatible, research has found that it is both beneficial and safe. The results of the earlier ABSORB trial demonstrated that Abbott’s bioabsorbable stent successfully treated coronary artery disease, and the treated vessel could expand and contract after two years, indicating that the device had fully absorbed. Additionally, there were no cases of thrombosis (blood clots) after the artery was opened.

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